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Transmission Work

The ultimate goal of these calibrations is to obtain a transmission ``spectrum'' for each pixel, that is, an estimate of the filter transmission as a function of energy in the range 0.1-11 Kva, the band pass of the telescope Transmission is prudence in identifying high-growth sectors; the Group has witnessed rapid progress and forayed into various areas like roads, buildings, irrigation, power, coal mining and solar energy over the years. The Group is poised to scale greater heights in the decade to unfold. High energy, passion, optimism and ambition are driving the growth at Teletech Infra as it looks into new sectors, ventures and geographies. Today, Teletech infra is geared to welcome its next glorious decade. The company today accords significant focus to the areas that are going to define the growth and progress for the organization as well as the eco-systems that it operates in.

Energy, especially the greener sources of it, is critical to the continued growth of national and global economies. Not just industrial growth and commerce but also securing a cleaner world for generations to come is a vision that Teletech Infra Projects shares with its times as one of the most primary challenges that societies need to address. The group is investing in technology and capacity building that addresses some of these and other critical questions for tomorrow. The ability to harness and capitalize upon the earth's natural resources in the least invasive and most eco-sensitive manner possible requires focus and investment in cleaner and more humane ways to draw from the earth. The Company is very sensitive to respecting the integrity of its eco-systems & another focus area for the company, where it partners the growth and development of the societies it operates in. Teletech Infra Projects firmly believes that lasting growth for the organization can only be built through a deeper and empathetic understanding of the needs of the times and the future to come. In this light, the company's vision is aligned to the growth and development aspirations of the economies and societies that it operates in.


Transmission Services

Work will begin in the Teletech Infra when it has secured all permits and approvals. This work includes construction of the overhead and underground lines, as well as upgrades and construction of substations along the route. Throughout the permitting and construction process, key stakeholders, municipalities, and landowners will be kept informed of progress through our Community Relations team.

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